Babysitter Meets Spontaneous (Part 2)

  • Babushka was sitting alone in the dark because of her and Madison's big fight, symbolising that she was depressed without Madison in her life.
  • Babushka told Samuel that her and Madison "broke-up" that day.
  • Madison witnessed Tane attempt to apologise to Babushka and she smiled to herself.
  • Madison decided to forgive Tane because she tried to make things right for Babushka.
  • Babushka interrupted Madison and Tane's conversation to say that she apologised to Madison.
  • The two of them apologised to each other, and Madison wanted Babushka to give her a hug, however Babushka just walked away.
  • Madison was hurt when Babushka didn't hug her back and she told Tane that Babushka "rejected" her.
  • Babushka was in the audience to support Madison and Tane's performance.
  • Babushka seemed proud of Madison while she was performing.
  • After the performance was over, Babushka came up to Madison and hugged her tightly. Babushka told Madison that she did great up on stage after hugging her.
  • After the hug, Babushka gave Madison an uneasy look, implying that Babushka didn't a hundred percent forgive her.

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