• Madison offers to answer the door to Babushka.
  • Madison notices Babushka at the door and kneels down to match Babushka's eye level, placing her hands on her knees.
  • Madison asks Babushka for her name and calls her a "little girl". Babushka doesn't like this.
  • Madison awkwardly stares at Babushka for a few seconds before Babushka asks for her to move out of the way.
  • The two of them seem interested in each other's introduction.
  • Madison was in disbelief when she heard that Babushka had a black belt in karate.
  • Babushka tells the group that she will use her fishing rod to catch a fish from the fish tank, however Madison accidentally tells Babushka that she will never catch them.
    • This upsets Babushka, and she bursts into tears and storms up to her room.
  • Madison attempts to get Babushka to forgive her by making her "apology cookies", despite being unable to cook.
  • Babushka tells Madison to go away, however Madison doesn't listen to her and sits next to her.
  • Babushka takes one of Madison's cookies and tells her that they weren't good.
  • The two of them have an open and honest conversation about their past and how Babushka's life was rough while living in India.
  • Madison offers to become friends with Babushka, and Babushka accepts.
  • Babushka thanks Madison for the offer by hugging her.
  • Madison tells Babushka to "go and catch some fish" while stroking her arm playfully.
  • Babushka openly tells everyone that her and Madison made up.
  • Madison tries to stop Babushka from catching the fish. In the process, Babushka's fish hook ends up getting stuck in her finger.
  • Babushka pulls the fish hook out of Madison's finger.
  • Madison immediately throws her arms around Babushka when she was about to throw a hissy fit at Matthew.
  • Madison calls Babushka a "good girl".

School Sucks

  • Babushka wakes up as the result of Madison (and Samuel) talking.
  • Babushka seemed interested in Madison's past experiences at school.
  • The two of them are standing next to each other when Miss Martinez is showing them around the school.
  • Madison asks Babushka why she brought a can of spray paint to school, and Babushka tells her that you'd never know when it could come in handy.
  • The two of them sit next to each other in the cafeteria.
  • Madison was disgusted when Babushka seemed to enjoy the cafeteria food.
  • Babushka reluctantly agrees to join Madison's protest.
  • Madison notices that Babushka isn't protesting properly, so she places her hands on either side of Babushka's face and says, "Babushka, baby, you have to do this right."
  • Babushka apologizes to Madison when she leaves her by herself.
  • Madison tells Miss Martinez that Babushka (and Samuel) had nothing to do with the protest.
  • Babushka (and Samuel) agrees to take the blame for the protest, even if it meant that she would get detention on the second day of school.

Where's Babushka?

  • Madison offered to wake Babushka up.
  • Madison was concerned when she couldn't find Babushka, and she demands the others to look for themselves.
  • Madison envisions Babushka being in New York; her hometown that she loves. Babushka appears happy in her vision.
  • Madison told Samuel that his vision (Babushka falling off a bridge) wasn't possible.
  • Madison seemed the most determined to find Babushka, and she creates a systematic check list to visit all the places that Babushka could be.
  • Madison repeats Babushka's name repetitively through out the episode, and is disappointed when she couldn't find Babushka anywhere.
  • Madison runs up to hug Babushka straight away when Babushka is finally "found".

Broken Pieces

  • Babushka (along with Samuel, Matthew and Phil) falls down the stairs as a result of Madison's irresponsibility.
  • The two girls enter the hallway at school together in mid-conversation.
    • This happens twice through-out the episode; the morning when Samuel broke his leg and the morning when Samuel broke his arm.
  • Babushka tells Madison that she's glad that Samuel wasn't at school that day.
  • Babushka constantly nags Madison about wondering if she was guilty for making Samuel hurt himself.
  • Madison admits to Babushka that she hasn't felt "guilt" before, and she didn't know what it meant.
  • Babushka explains the concept of feeling guilty to Madison.
  • Babushka tells Madison that if Samuel was her friend, she'd feel sorry; leaving Madison questioning everything.

Matthew's Dream Come True

  • Madison tells Babushka (and the others) to calm down and wait for dinner to be served.
  • Madison seemed concerned when Babushka and Samuel were fighting, however Madison told them that she couldn't deal with it at that moment.
  • Babushka supports Samuel's statement and agrees that when Madison is really excited about something, she talks really fast and spits out any random sentences that is on her mind - potentially hurting Matthew's career.
  • Babushka assures Madison that Matthew would forgive her.
  • Madison asks Babushka to help her make Stewie and Marcus taste Matthews dish. Babushka says no at first, however Madison tells her that she would allow Babushka's "special handcuffs", so she agrees.
  • Madison introduces Babushka to Stewie and Marcus as her best friend.
  • The two of them enlist in team work; Madison holds Stewie's arm behind his back whilst Babushka handcuffs Marcus.
  • Both of them gestures Matthew's dish to Stewie and Marcus.
  • Babushka repetitively says that she helped Stewie and Marcus give Matthew a second chance too after Matthew continuously thanks Madison.

Clown Heads Everywhere

  • Madison didn't want Babushka to watch the horror movie because she thought that Babushka would get scared.
  • Madison tells Babushka to "shh" while they were watching the movie.
  • Babushka assures Madison (along with Samuel and Phil) that the movie was fake and that there is a logical explanation for everything.
  • Babushka was concerned when she heard Madison scream and approached her straight away.
  • Madison told Babushka to be careful when she was approaching the "clown head".
  • They smile at each other when they were laughing at the arranged fruit.
  • Both of them rush to the bathroom when they hear Phil scream.
  • Once again, Babushka assures to Madison (and Samuel and Phil) that the clown head was fake.
  • Madison was suspicious when Babushka flushed her apple down the toilet.
  • The two of them (with Samuel) were hanging out in the kitchen before they heard Phil scream. They rush over to him.
  • Babushka decides to take Madison (and Samuel and Phil) to a counselor before their minds went out of hand.
  • The two of them sat on bean bags next to each other in the counselor's office.
  • The two of them were engaged in the conversation after they came back from the counselor's office.

Gifts For A Living

  • Madison asked Babushka what outfit she should wear to the mall (from a choice of two outfits), and Babushka told her to wear both.
  • Babushka (and the others) were excited when Madison came home with gifts.
  • Madison saved Babushka's present to last because she thought that it was the most valuable and it took her the longest time to choose the right gift. Also, Madison felt like she was the closest to Babushka out of everyone in the group.
  • Madison knew what Babushka's favourite show was (Princess Town).
  • Babushka was disappointed with her gift (a Princess Fuchsia doll) when Madison gave it to her, however she pretended that she liked it to not hurt Madison's feelings.
  • Babushka asked Samuel to help her discard the doll without Madison knowing.
  • Whenever Madison found the doll, she wondered what Babushka's excuse would be.
  • Babushka continuously lies to Madison about the doll, using the following scenarios in order:
    • The doll falling from the sky (1st time): Babushka and Samuel were playing catch with the doll, and Samuel was a lousy catcher so he stumbled and dropped it, making it fall out the window.
    • Cereal cabinet: Babushka and Fuchsia were playing Hide-And-Seek the previous night and Fuchsia hid in the cabinet. However, Babushka was too tired to find her, so she went to sleep.
    • The doll falling from the sky (2nd time): Madison overheard Babushka congratulating Samuel on the final discard of the doll, so Babushka got caught lying.
    • Different appearance: Babushka gave Fuchsia a makeover, changing her hair and her outfit. She rubbed Madison's signature off of it because she felt like it didn't suit Fuchsia's look.
  • Madison believes the first two scenarios.
  • Babushka finally confesses to Madison about her hatred of the doll and fetches it out of the trash.
  • Madison and Babushka talk about the doll and Babushka tells Madison about why she hated the gift. Babushka then tells Madison that knowing that the gift came from her heart, it was the most special gift that she has ever received.
  • The two of them hug.

Oh, Loretta

  • The two of them walked down the hall with Samuel and were discussing their assignments.
  • Madison seemed somewhat jealous when Matthew chose to help Babushka with her English assignment.
  • Babushka smiled at Madison when everyone gathered in the lobby.
  • Madison and Babushka (and Samuel) had to share a bedroom in their temporary home.
  • Both of them agreed that Loretta was dumb.
  • Babushka bought Madison a sausage roll from the school cafeteria due to Madison's hunger, and Madison devoured it down in a matter of seconds.
  • The two of them sat next to each other at breakfast.
  • Madison is annoyed when Babushka says that they got rid of Samuel.
  • Madison says to Babushka, "Okay, let me say this quietly and clearly...WE JUST LOST OUR BEST FRIEND!", while placing her hands on Babushka's shoulders and shaking them.
  • Babushka told Loretta that she was sitting in Madison's seat.
  • Madison wakes Babushka up in the middle of the night to tell her that she couldn't sleep.
  • Babushka assures Madison that everything is going to be fine and that is was a relief to not hear Samuel snore all night.
  • Babushka seemed jealous when Samuel was hitting on Madison and tried to change the subject.

Jumping Into Chaos

  • Madison and Babushka were sitting next to each other in Matthew's car.
  • Despite Babushka's yells and everyone telling her to shut up, Madison kept quiet.
  • Babushka grabbed Madison's arm when they ducked due to the low plane.
  • Babushka watched Madison throw up in horror.
  • Samuel passed Babushka his bag with Madison's vomit, but Babushka passed it to Matthew in disgust.
  • Babushka pushed Samuel out of the plane in order to jump out with Madison. Babushka was willing to jump with Madison, however she was told to jump with Matthew.
  • Babushka asked everyone where Madison was.
  • Babushka wanted to head North with Madison, however Madison made her walk East with Matthew. Babushka was disappointed that she wasn't with Madison.
  • Babushka suggested that her and Matthew should ask the "hobo" (actually Madison) if they knew of a nearby bathroom.
  • Madison looked and Babushka with a wide smile when she saw her (more than Matthew) and they hugged each other.
  • Madison wanted Babushka (along with Samuel, Matthew and Phil) to give her a big hug.
  • Madison recalled what she said when Babushka went missing (in the episode Where's Babushka?), which was that they needed to stick together no matter what.

International Superstar

  • Madison was eager to wake Babushka up to tell her that International Superstar was on the TV.
  • Madison attempted to get Babushka's attention by screaming in her ear, which caused Babushka to fall of the bed.
  • Madison told Babushka that she gave her no other choice and she grabbed Babushka's foot and started dragging her across the room into the hallway.
  • Babushka yelled at Madison to let go of her foot, however Madison ignored her and continued dragging her down the stairs.
  • When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Madison realized that the show already started and dropped Babushka's foot.
  • Babushka stumbled over to the couch and sat next to Madison.
  • Madison told Babushka (and Samuel) about how she wanted to audition for International Superstar New York.
  • Madison wanted the show to pick Chicago All School, and Babushka wanted them to not pick it.
  • Babushka stared at Madison while she was jumping up and down in excitement.
  • Babushka was amazed at Madison's outfit.
  • Madison accidentally witnessed Babushka perform her song in front of the talent scout. She watched the entire performance.
  • Madison approached Babushka after the talent scout walked away, and she yelled at Babushka. Madison told Babushka that she wanted to perform in front of the talent scout first, and how Babushka never wanted the show to pick their school.
  • Babushka told Madison not to worry and told her that she could perform in front of the entire school at lunch time.
  • Madison admitted that Babushka's performance was good.
  • Babushka wished Madison good luck when she went to watch Samuel in basketball practice.
  • Babushka watched Madison's performance in astonishment.
  • Madison apologized to Babushka (and Samuel) when she realized that they didn't make it on the show.
  • They wished each other good luck before performing on live TV.
  • Babushka looked concerned when Madison couldn't sing.

Rain, Go Away

  • Babushka noticed Madison doing her homework and asked her why she was doing it.
  • Babushka tried to convince Madison that homework on a cancelled school day wasn't needed.
  • They were standing next to each other when Matthew was looking in the supply closet.
  • Babushka was listening carefully when Madison was explaining the rules of the "Headbands" game.
  • Madison told Babushka what her word was on her card ("pharaoh") and Babushka was frustrated.
  • Babushka wanted to verse Madison in ping pong first.
  • Babushka suggested that they should play for "swapsies", however Madison said that whenever they play for it, someone's feelings always get hurt.
  • Madison said that if she won, she would want Babushka's bracelet, and Babushka said that if she one, she would want Madison's shoes to grow into.
  • Madison promised Babushka that she would go easy on her, however Babushka slogged the ball and beat Madison straight away.
  • Madison reluctantly and angrily handed Babushka her shoes.
  • Madison wanted to find Phil's old college roommate to beat Babushka and win her shoes back (as well as Samuel's DS and DS games, Matthew's spatula and Phil's joke books).

Crystal Comes To Town

  • The episode opened with Madison and Babushka taking a walk around the block together.
  • Babushka said that she didn't find a point of walking around, however Madison told her that Matthew wanted them to "bond" and "get to know each other better".
  • Babushka told Madison that they already know each other well, and Madison agreed.
  • Madison told Babushka that she didn't have to worry because nothing weird was going to happen.
  • Babushka seemed annoyed and jealous while Madison was making conversation with Crystal. Babushka also discouraged Madison letting Crystal live with them for a few days.
  • Babushka (along with Matthew, Samuel and Phil) still seemed to be against Crystal staying despite Madison's opinion.
  • Madison seemed concerned when Babushka was choking and washing Crystal's pee out of her mouth.
  • Babushka told Crystal that she was sitting in Madison's seat.
  • Madison and Babushka were next to each other in the group photo.
  • Babushka asked Madison what was wrong when she saw her upset.
  • When Babushka celebrated Crystal's departure, Madison told her that it was disrespectful. However, she gave in and celebrated along with her (and Samuel, Matthew and Phil).

Diet Time

  • Madison showed concern when she saw that Babushka and Samuel were fighting.
  • Madison told Babushka (and the others) that she needed to go on a diet, which included new eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise habits and a new TV schedule.
  • Madison made Babushka's TV time after Samuel's at the current moment, and Babushka was scheduled to watch TV in 5 minutes time.
  • Babushka agreed to get rid of the junk food in the kitchen.
  • Madison caught Babushka (and Samuel) in the middle of the night eating cookies.
  • Madison woke Babushka (and everyone) up by individually yelling in their ear with a bullhorn.
  • Madison tried to keep Babushka's balance while she was collapsing.
  • Babushka was half asleep when Madison had her accident on the treadmill and went back to sleep.
  • Babushka told Madison that she felt bad that she was disinterested with Madison's injuries (as she shrugged and fell back to sleep when she heard Madison scream).
  • They sat next to each other and were laughing together at Matthew's workout DVD.

In Love

  • Madison told Babushka (and Samuel and Matthew) that she was going to the mall, however Babushka didn't seem to care. However, it was revealed by the next line that she somewhat heard what Madison said, by saying, "something about going to the mall".
  • Babushka seemed happy that Madison had found a cute guy and she immediately turned to Matthew to ask if he had a girlfriend.
  • Babushka agreed that Madison looked nice while Madison was preparing for her date with Carl.
  • Madison was curious as to why Babushka (and Samuel) were wearing Butler attire.
  • Babushka showed Madison that she caught a big fish and asked her what she could name it.
  • Madison told Babushka, "Shut up, I'm trying to think". Although Madison was half-joking and wasn't paying close attention to Babushka's question, Babushka still names her fish, "Shut Up, I'm Trying To Think".
  • Babushka approached Madison and Samuel at the end of the episode to show them how proud she was of her new pet.

The Punishment You Get

  • Madison and Babushka were standing next to each other at the beginning of the episode, and they noticed the nomination sheet at the same time.
  • Madison told Babushka (and Samuel) about how she was always beat in school elections by Mary Goldfield.
  • Madison asked Babushka to be her campaign manager, and Babushka agrees to it.
  • Madison wanted Matthew to bake muffins to buy her votes, however Babushka wanted her to make brooches instead.
  • Babushka convinced Madison to spend $20 on Brooch Brody.
  • Babushka helped Madison hand out the brooches, and agreed to go on a date with Chester in order to buy his vote.
  • Babushka told Madison not to worry about Loretta and that she should focus on her campaign speech.
  • Babushka was the only one in the audience who clapped for Madison when Miss Martinez introduced her.
  • Madison approached Babushka in the hallway and asked her if she'd seen Samuel. Babushka asked Madison if she'd seen Chester.
  • Babushka mimicked Madison's attitude towards Samuel, by telling Chester to stop following her in the same way that Madison was telling Samuel.

Dentist Dilemma

  • Madison and Babushka were standing next to each other in the middle of the mall at the start of the episode.
  • Madison told Babushka that she had to go to the dentist.
  • Madison (and Matthew) took Babushka to the dentist.
  • Babushka initially walked in front of Madison when they first entered the waiting room. Babushka took two steps into the waiting room and tried to make a run for it, but Madison blocked the entrance.
  • Matthew let Madison and Babushka confirm Babushka's appointment to the receptionist.
  • Babushka watched Madison eat the samosa with a disgusted look on her face.
  • Babushka told Madison (Matthew) to hide her to avoid Chester spotting her.
  • Madison smiled when she saw Babushka and Chester "playing", and she told Matthew that she thought that young love was beautiful.
  • Matthew waited in the waiting room (until a nun kicked him out) whilst Madison took Babushka into the dentist surgery.
  • After Babushka refused to go into the dentist surgery, she hid under a table. Madison lifts the table off of Babushka and grabs Babushka's foot and drags her into the dentist room.
  • Babushka attempts to escape, however Madison doesn't let her.
  • Madison repetitively told Babushka not to worry while she was in the dentist chair.
  • Madison was concerned when she heard that the dentist had to drill Babushka's teeth.
  • To get Babushka to open her mouth, Madison slapped her.
  • Madison told Babushka about her first dentist experience and assured her once again that she was going to be fine.
  • Madison once again slapped Babushka in order for Babushka to open her mouth.
  • Madison tried to warn Babushka about not eating or drinking anything while her mouth was still numb.


Note: This episode was a behind-the-scenes special and did not feature any of the actors in character (with the exception of a small clip show at the end of the episode).

  • Some of the bloopers that Peyton and Nausheen had were during Budison scenes.
  • A few Budison scenes were shown during the clip show at the end of the episode, including when they first became friends in Pilot.

Lizard In The House

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Not What You Were Hoping For

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The Ultimate Assassin

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Happy Valentine's Day

Part 1

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Part 2

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