Awww, look at America's newest couple!
Madison to Babushka and Chester in A Wonderful Thanksgiving

General Information
Shipped Characters Chester and Babushka
Length of Relationship 2012-2012
Status Broken up
Rivals Spabushka
Chesbushka is the romantic pairing of Chester and Babushka in BABYSITTER.

Relationship History

Relationship #1

  • Start Up: A Wonderful Thanksgiving
  • Break Up: Before The Road...Here We Come

Reason for Break Up: Chester left town, changed his name to Wendell and moved in with Vinnie (lampshaded by Babushka as Buddy Handleson left the show to star in the Nick @ Nite series Wendell & Vinnie).

Chesbushka Moments

Coming soon!

Chesbushka Fanon

Coming soon!


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