Mamuel Facts are basic Mamuel trivia. It is nothing to do with hints, like most pairing facts are.    

To be able to be understand Mamuel, these facts can help you get more background knowledge of the pairing:

  • The Mamuel colour is turquoise. (See Mamuel Fanon)
  • It is the most popular and most well known pairing in BABYSITTER.
  • It has the names of Madison and Samuel together.
  • Mamuel shippers are called Mamuel-Lovers. You can add yourself here.
  • The relationship is similar to other relationships in real-life literature. (See List of Ships Similar to Mamuel)
  • Madison and Samuel kiss for the first time in the season 3 finale, Bye, Bye Madison.
  • Most of the Mamuel shippers are most likely to ship Chesbushka and Matricia. Although, this is stereotypical as some Mamuel shippers ship Spabushka.
  • Madison and Samuel are always slow dancing to this song. The song has also been frequently used in That's So Raven.
  • Samuel had a crush on Madison when he saw her for the first time.
  • Mamuel got together in the episode Boo, Boo Is History and broke up in Dirty Cheaters.
  • Mamuel hugged for the first time in Broken Pieces when Madison was apologizing to Samuel and admitting she was guilty for making him break his arm and leg.
  • Despite Samuel's crush on Madison, they were always the best of friends before they dated.
  • Despite the break up, Madison and Samuel remained close friends.
  • Samuel was Madison's first kiss, even though she just kissed him on the cheek in The Punishment You Get.
  • Samuel forgot Madison's name in Best Friends Forever, Should Always Stick Together.
  • They broke up again in Mamuel Lies & Matricia Dies. The episode title also contains two common pairing names (Mamuel and Matricia).
  • According to the episode Madison, Samuel, Babushka, Matthew, Million Bucks Bill, Patricia, Spain and Phil of the Future, Madison and Samuel are married in the future. Madison is rich and is a therapist whereas Samuel is a lazy, abnoxious stay-at-home man. Although this episode could be considered as non-canon, due to everyone seperating in the finale.
  • Despite being a kid's show, it is hinted that the pair slept together when they were together. Babushka even comments on "the sounds they made in bed together" in Timothy 3.
  • The pair got back together in As I Lay Crying when it is revealed that Samuel read Madison's private diary and he realised that he still had feelings for her.
  • The pair is officially broken up due to Madison moving to Los Angeles and Samuel moving to Detroit, although they shared a goodbye-kiss before going onto the aeroplane in We Are Family.
  • Matricia (and Spabushka) are endgame, whereas Mamuel is the only major pairing not to be.