Mamuel Fanon are episodes, objects or things hinted by fans with facts to prove it. 


Mamuel Episode: Boo, Boo Is History. In this episode, Madison is trapped in the LOST AND FOUND and Samuel was trapped in an old shack. They ring eachother for help, but when Steve catches Madison on her phone and finds out she's ringing Samuel, he asks Madison who Samuel is. Madison says that he's her boyfriend. Samuel ends up saving Madison, and Madison is so thankful that she decides to go out with him. This is the episode where they go out for the first time.

Mamuel Color: Turquoise. In Boo, Boo Is History when they go out for the first time, Madison is wearing turquoise. Also, in other episodes they are shown wearing blue and green, which makes turquoise.

Mamuel Song: Funtastic. The song is fictionally sung by both actors, and the song definately resembles the pair. It was written for Mamuel.

Mamuel Food: Popcorn. In many episodes, they both share popcorn together. Also, there are also Mamuel hints with popcorn.

Mamuel Day: February 7. This is the day when they met for the first time, and when Samuel got a crush on Madison for the first time.