Samantha: So tell me. What's your secret? What's your secret for not feeling guilty about leaving home?
Madison: Well, it's simple...I fell in love.
Samantha: With who?
Samuel: (off screen) Hey, is this door unlocked?
Madison: No...way... (stands up)
Madison and Samuel: (stares at each other)
Samuel: Madison?!
Madison: Samuel!
Madison and Samuel: (runs into each other's arms)
Mamuel reuniting in the Now, That Is What I Call Babysitting! episode Home Sick to My Stomach.

You know, if there was an award for which couple broke up the most, we'd win first place.
Samuel jokes to Madison in Mamuel Lies & Matricia Dies

...But there is one girl out there that I'm gonna miss. Her name is Madison; and at the start, I was just a teenage boy with a crush on my best friend. But there was something about her that made me a better person; a person who is worth to feel true love. And we loved each much. In fact, the biggest mistake of my life was hurting her; and that memory is gonna stay in my mind forever. Despite that, she forgave me. She's the most incredible and selfless girl I have ever met in my entire life...and she changed it too.
Samuel about Madison in his graduation speech in We Are Family

Samuel: I guess this is how our love story ends.
Madison: Yep.
— Mamuel's final exchange in We Are Family

Mamuel Moments are moments in BABYSITTER where both characters interact with each other, hinting a romantic relationship.

Note: These are currently under constuction. Extension will be soon!