This is a list of BABYSITTER episodes that have a Mamuel plot/sub-plot.


Season 1

Pilot: Madison and Samuel basically meet for the first time, where Samuel automatically gets a crush on Madison.

Broken Pieces: Samuel breaks his arm and leg when tripping on the stairs, which Madison was clearly responsible for. Samuel thinks that Madison is guilty for making him trip, but Madison doesn't admit it. Madison finally admits that she is guilty and they apologize.

Crystal Comes To Town: Samuel suddenly thinks that Crystal had a crush on him, so he goes to Madison for help.

In Love: When Madison falls in love with the new guy that moved down the hall, Samuel gets jealous. It then turns out that the guy Madison fell in love with had a girlfriend, and when Samuel tells Madison, she doesn't believe him. Madison finally sees her guy and another girl together, and forgives Samuel for fighting with her.

The Punishment You Get: Madison runs for student council, which Samuel is against her. Samuel then apologizes to Madison by making her speak infront of the school without her knowing. Madison then thanks Samuel by kissing him on the cheek. Samuel then thinks that Madison secretly has a crush on him.

Dentist Dilemma: The sub plot involves Samuel buying Madison a necklace, which Madison actually wears at the end.

Not What You Were Hoping For: The beginning of the episode involves Samuel sending love notes to Madison, but he gets caught and gets detention. The whole family goes to a press conference to discuss Matthew's cooking career. At the press conference, a guy in the audience falls for Madison, but Samuel doesn't aprove and threatens to fight the guy who fell for Madison.

Detention: Madison (and Babushka) helps Samuel try to escape detention so that he can go to the anual 'Big Day Out'.

Happy Valentine's Day:  Samuel is continuesly asking Madison to the dance, but Madison keeps rejecting. Samuel ends up going with Loretta, but then dumps her so he could dance with Madison. Madison still rejects.

Season 2

Happy Birthday: For Madison's birthday, Samuel gets her a cell phone, which Madison gets addicted to. Madison then ditches Samuel and Bianca to check out something, but Samuel encourages her not to go. Madison then ends up staying.

Jealousy Strikes: Samuel goes out with Bianca to make Madison jealous. Samuel forces Madison to go on his date with Bianca to film it, and makes Madison see him kiss Bianca.

Dreams Come Alive (Part 1): A music producer spots Madison and Samuel performing in the park and he agrees for them to do a music video. The music producer ends up being a scam artist and the gang end up creating their own music video.

Heat Wave: A massive heat wave hits the city, and Madison and Samuel both go to buy icy cold drinks from the milk bar in the lobby. They both get trapped in the elevator together. After a while, the power goes back on and they are both saved.

Boo, Boo Is History: Steve traps Madison in the LOST AND FOUND center and she calls Samuel for help. Steve asks Madison who Samuel is when he catches Madison calling him. Madison tells Steve that Samuel is her boyfriend. Steve then sends Samuel a text message (using Madison's phone) saying that she wanted to break up with him. Samuel then thinks Madison didn't want to be his friend anymore (since they weren't actually a couple). The rest of the gang then save Madison, leaving she and Samuel talking, and then forming their bf/gf relationship.

Season 3

Best Friends: In the subplot, all Madison wanted to do was to spend time with Samuel, but Samuel preferred to hang out with Ty Blue instead. They get into a little arguement, upsetting Madison. Samuel then promissed her that as soon as she got home; he'd plan something nice for her. Madison comes home to find slow music playing and Samuel wanted to dance with her. They slow dance to the song and almost kiss before Babushka interupts them.

A Wonderful Thanksgiving: Samuel helps Madison put up flyers for the Thanksgiving Dance which Madison was organising. Madison tells Samuel that she can't go to the dance with him; making him a bit depressed, but Madison told him to still come to the dance. Madison also tells him to learn the song she wrote; 'Funtastic' and he said he would. Samuel ends up not showing up at the dance which Madison gets upset about. Samuel then surprizes her and shows up to the dance after all, and they slow dance, until Madison tells him to get on stage. The two of them perform Funtastic on stage and grow a close bond.

Girl That Has To Come: Natalie Worthy pretends to be dorky to get to Samuel; striking jeolousy to Madison. Natalie threatens Madison and tells her that she is going to ask Samuel out. To stop Samuel by saying yes, Madison and Babushka go on the window-washer's platform and get into some chaos. Samuel tells Madison that he'd reather be dating her than a super model any day.

Dates: Madison and Samuel go on their first official date to a resturant but is distracted by a range of celebrities. They then agree to have a second-first date and watch a movie; and again; they are interupted. Samuel then invites Madison to the top of the hotel where they have their most romantic first date yet, and are enjoying eachother's company until heavy rain comes pouring down; stopping their date in a good way.

Dirty Cheaters: Madison asks Samuel to help her rehearse lines for drama class, but Samuel tells her that he has other plans. Madison then goes for Plan B, rehearse with Simon. The script Simon and Madison were rehearsing was about a man madly in love with a woman, but the woman was dating someone else but couldn't decide between the two of them. Unfortunetly, Samuel walks in when the two of them are in the middle or rehearsing, and he assumes that Madison was cheating on him. Samuel goes to Babushka for advice; and Babushka says to cheat on Madison back. Samuel invites Madison on a date and Madison goes inside the resturant he invited her to. Samuel then is seen giving a necklace to Loretta, making Madison see it on purpose. Madison; strongly upset about this; storms out of the resturant and goes back home and lies depressed in her bed. Worried, Babushka asks Madison what is up, and Babushka ends up saying that Samuel thought that Madison was cheating on her and he decided to cheat on her back; but for real; whereas Madison wasn't cheating on him at all. Samuel takes a walk down the street and spots Madison's name everywhere. Babushka meets up with him and punches him hard in the stomach for hurting her best friend. Samuel goes to appologize to Madison; but Madison doesn't think that he trusts her. She dumps him emotionally; and when Samuel agrees for them to still be friends, Madison doesn't agree and leaves the room.

The Lady And The Cramp: In the subplot, Simon admits that he still has feelings for Madison and agrees to put on a show for her to win her back. Simon sings a song in a terrible way; but Madison imagines that Simon was Samuel singing it to her beautifully. Madison goes and thanks Simon for singing the song when she accidently calls him "Samuel". Babushka tells her that Madison needs to decide between the two of them. Madison easily tells Simon that she doesn't want to go out with him again; but when it was Samuel's turn, she couldn't look him in the eye and tell him how she felt.

The Road...Here We Come: Madison and Samuel pair up to create a CPR demonstration. Madison's presentation goes haywire. Samuel decides to convince the teacher to give him the karaoke machine (the pair with the best presentation's award) and he some how does. He gives Madison the karaoke machine as a gift. They head in the van and Madison decides to sing a song for Samuel and hopefully get him to join in (Funtastic accoustic). He does and they look into eachother's eyes and fall in love all over again.

Bye, Bye Madison: The main point of the episode isn't related to Mamuel, but they share major moments in it. When Madison is saying that she'll miss one particular person; she accidently visualises every romantic moment they had which everyone sees. Fustrated, Samuel leaves the room. Madison goes and talks to him and the two of them are alone. They chat for a bit when they are both caught up in the moment and kiss. Madison decides to stay in Chicago to be with him.

Season 4

Best Friends Forever, Should Not Always Stick Together: Madison asks Samuel to go on the Trivia game show with her since she had a massive fight with Babushka. Samuel forgets everything about Madison, including her name, and the two of them get into an arguement. Later on, Samuel notices his mistake and goes to Madison to appologize, and they kiss and make up. Mamuel is dating again! ♥

Mamuel Lies & Matricia Dies: After noticing Samuel having some wierd behaviour like blowing her off and lying to her, Madison suspects that Samuel is cheating on her again. After confronting him, Samuel reveals that he was secretly hanging out with Madison's ex-boyfriend Simon and he didn't want to tell her. The two of them break up for a while. Madison then finds Samuel at Blue and the two of them decide to make up...until Samuel teases her and says that she will never give him a fifth chance if he ever cheated on her again. Madison is suddenly offended by this and leaves the smoothie place crying, leaving a cliffhanger until the next episode.

So...What Now?: Heartbroken and betrayed, Madison walks down the windy street to find a young guy selling her a "love potion", meaning that after she drinks the potion, the next guy she meets, she will fall deeply in love with. Confused, Madison returns to the hotel room to be greeted by Steve. She then falls in love with him, and to Steve's excitement, he takes her on a date. Samuel returns to the hotel room as well and mistakenly falls in love with Babushka. He forces Babushka to come with him on a double date with them and Stadison. The double date ends horribly and Madison and Samuel question themselves.

As I Lay Crying: Samuel (off screen) finds Madison's diary, where he reads that she likes guys who dress nice. He turns up to school in a tuxedo, making Madison clueless. Whilst talking, Samuel admits that he still has feelings for Madison, saying he's still in love with her. Madison turns annoyed by this sudden conversation, as she accidentally makes him upset. Later on, Madison finds Samuel and tells him that she still has feelings for him too. The two of them kiss and they get back together.

We Are Family: Samuel receives a letter saying that he got a college scholarship, and he lies to Madison about it because he doesn't want to lose her. Madison eventually finds out and the two of them then get into an argument whilst riding in Samuel's car. Samuel pulls over to the side of the road as Madison decides to get out. Although Madison was mad at Samuel for lying to her, Matthew forces Madison to go to Samuel's graduation ceremony, where she witnesses Samuel giving a heartfelt speech about her. Madison forgives Samuel. At the airport, the two of them say their goodbyes to each other and have one last kiss before breaking up.