Mamuel Quotes are pieces of dialogue in BABYSITTER episodes that hint the Mamuel relationship.

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Samuel: (notices Madison on couch) Well, hello there, sweet cheeks!

Madison: Um, my name isn't "sweet cheeks" and you're creepy.
Samuel: Girl, you know how I do! Watch this! (moves body around fast in a circular motion) Break it down! Break it down! Break it down!

Madison: You know you can really hurt yourself by doing that.

Babushka: Um...who's that fool sitting there?
Madison: That's Samuel. I know, he's pretty weird.

Madison: I'm Madison, I am 12 years old and some day, I wanna be a popstar.
Samuel: I totally dig pop stars.

Samuel: Mmmm, who are those cookies for?

Madison: Not for you. They're for Babushka. We kind of got on the wrong foot earlier today. So I'm making her these cookies to apologies.
Samuel: (places arm around Madison's shoulder) You know, I picture you and me having a future together. Just you and me married...having kids...

Madison: (pulls Samuel's arm off her) I don't think so, dude.

Madison: Could somebody please get this fish hook out of my finger?!
Samuel: No, I can't. I don't wanna damage that beautiful little finger of yours.

Madison: My finger is cured!

Samuel: That isn't going to be your catch phrase is it?

Madison: No..I'm just going to stop talking now...

School Sucks

Madison: (talking on the phone)

Samuel: (sneaks up to Madison in a tuxedo)
Madison: (into phone) Okay. Thanks you much. Bye! (hangs up phone and turns around)
Samuel: (stands up close to Madison)
Madison: (jumps) Dude! Why did you scare me like that? And what are you wearing?
Samuel: This is my tuxedo. Don't I look...handsome? (strikes a pose)

Madison: No.

Samuel: This stinks! I love you (Madison), but this still stinks!

Madison: This whole idea was my fault. Samuel and Babushka had nothing to do with it.

Where's Babushka

Madison: Well I doubt that she was falling off a bridge, plunging to her death.
Samuel: (gasps)

Samuel: (singing) Beyoncé is my fiancé! Beyoncé is my fiancé! Woo!

Madison: I thought you wanted me to be your fiancé.
Samuel: Could that happen?

Madison: Could not happen!

Samuel: What?! Why do I have to dive into the water and look for Babushka?

Madison: Because you are the one who imagined her here. And plus, (sweetly) do this for me.

Samuel: (flirtatiously) Okay. (giggles)

Samuel: Madison, I want you to know if I don't survive this, that I will love you forever and-
Madison: Get to it already!

Broken Pieces

Madison: Come on! It's not like anyone got seriously hurt.

Samuel: Guys, I think I broke my leg.

Madison: ...Oops!

Babushka: So, how close are you to Samuel?

Madison: I don't know. I guess where sorta friends.

Babushka: Seriously, if Samuel was really your friend, you'd feel guilty.

Madison: And why am I stuck being your slave?
Samuel: 'Cos Matthew told you to.

Madison: Samuel, I'm sorry. And when I say that, I mean I'm super sorry. The truth is, I never felt guilty before and this is my first time. I hope you forgive me.

Samuel: I'll always forgive you.
Madison: Really?
Samuel: Totally. Come on, give me a hug!

Madison: (hugs Samuel when he's in the wheelchair)

Madison: (grunting whilst pushing Samuel up the stairs)

Samuel: Hurry up and push harder!

Madison: You're not light, lemme tell you that!

Matthew's Dream Come True

Madison: Whoa! What's going on here?

Samuel: Babushka took my DS and is threatening to chuck it out the window.
Babushka: What do you mean threatening?
Samuel: Madison, tell Babushka that it is impolite to throw an expensive game out the window.
Madison: It's impolite to throw an expensive game out the window.

Samuel: See, Madison thinks I'm right!

Samuel: When you do go out there, can you please grab my DS for me?

Madison: (shakes head and laughs, heading out the door)

Samuel: It was worth a shot.

Clown Heads Everywhere

Samuel: Oooh popcorn!
Madison: Not for you.

(everyone watching movie when a happily married couple comes and hugs each other on screen)

Samuel: (to Madison) That's you and me in the future.

Madison: (slaps him across the face hard)

Samuel: (holds onto Madison scared) Please comfort me.
Madison: (comforts him for a few seconds)

Gifts For A Living

Madison: Samuel, you're my guy! Which one do you think I should wear? "Cool & Classy" or "Sweet & Sassy"?
Samuel: Both.

Madison: And for Samuel, I got a money vase! See, it's a vase with dollar signs on it!

Samuel: Cool! Was it expensive?
Madison: Does that really matter?

Samuel: (chuckles nervously) No...

Samuel: (to Babushka) No! Don't do that! You'll hurt her (Madison's) feelings and I can't make her love me if her feelings are hurt.

Babushka: Wait, so you like her?

Samuel: Well...hey, are we talking about getting rid of the doll or what?

Madison: (storms into room angrily and to Babushka) Hey!

Samuel: (flirtatiously) Heyyy.
Madison: Um, I was talking to Babushka.

Samuel: So was I!

Samuel: Sorry for helping Babushka get rid of the doll behind your back.

Madison I forgive you. (hugs him)

Samuel: (whispers) She's hugging me!

Oh, Loretta

Samuel: Wow you (Madison) look beautiful in that outfit.

Samuel: What do you (Madison) expect? I fell in love with you since I first saw you and you never liked me back, so why can't I have that opportunity with Loretta?

Samuel: You're jealous of Loretta!

Madison: I am not! I'm just angry that you've been ditching us lately!
Samuel: You know what, friends are supposed to be happy if they're dating someone.
Madison: I am happy. But with Loretta...really?
Samuel: Forget it, I'm outta here.
(Samuel leaves)
Babushka: Yes! We got rid of him!

Madison: Babushka, I'm gonna say this softly and clearly... (yells while shaking Babushka) WE JUST LOST OUR BEST FRIEND!

Madison: Babushka, I can't sleep. I miss Samuel sleeping next to us.

Samuel: (to Loretta, talking about Madison) To be honest, I like someone else. She's amazing and she's a great girl. That's why I can't go out with you anymore.

(Samuel walks in and turns the light on)

Babushka: (groans)
Samuel: Hey.
Madison: What are you doing here?
Samuel: I couldn't stand sleeping with Loretta. She's really...annoying. And I realized that I was annoying too, since I was ditching you to hang out with her. I'm sorry.
Madison: (smiles) It's okay. So you dumped her?
Samuel: Yeah...but the good news is that I'm available now!
Madison: I don't want to date you!
Samuel: Don't worry. You'll come crawling to me soon. (winks)
Madison: (disgusted) Ewww.

Babushka: Let's just go to sleep now.

Jumping Into Chaos

Madison: (walks into plane)

Samuel: Hey, Madison! Come sit next to me!
Phil: Hey, Madison! Come sit with me!

Madison: (shrugs and sits next to Samuel)

Madison: I gotta throw up! (grabs Samuel's bag and pukes in it)

Samuel: Ewwww! That's my bag!
Madison: Here you go. (throws bag onto Samuel's lap)

Samuel: Ewww. I don't want it! (throws bag onto Babushka's lap)

Samuel: Madison, it's getting cold. Maybe you and I could snuggle close together and-
Madison: No!

Samuel: Okay, Madison. So I was thinking for us to jump out of the plane together, so we can hold hands-
Babushka: (pushes Samuel out of the plane)

Samuel: Where's Madison?

Madison: (screaming and falling towards the ground with a parachute)
Samuel: I got you! (catches Madison) Hi!

Madison: Just put me down now.

Samuel: (while walking) Man, I miss Madison. I wonder what she's thinking right now...I have to find her!

International Superstar

Madison: I'm gonna go and surprize Samuel at basketball practice.

Babushka: He playes basketball?

Madison: Yes, it even surprizes me.

Madison: (walks into gym) Hey!

Samuel: Hi!
Madison: Don't mind me. I'm just watching you practice some basketball.
Samuel: Cool. So have you performed for the talent scout yet?
Madison: Not yet. I'm planning to do it at lunch.
Talent Scout: (walks into gym)

Samuel: Shut up, he is here! (pushes Madison aside)

Madison: Foul! Triple Foul! I told you I was going to perform for him next!
Samuel: Don't worry; you still have lunch. Just perform for him and I bet you'll get on the show.

Samuel: (during Madison's performance) That's mine and Madison's bit.

Samuel: Look, I'm sorry I agreed with Loretta. She just kissed me and it happened. She's wrong about you. You are the most talented person I know. And you're gonna get your day in the spotlight one day.

Madison: (smiles) You really mean that?
Samuel: One hundred percent.

Madison: Thanks. (hugs Samuel)

Rain, Go Away

Madison: Okay, Samuel, come stand next to me.
Samuel: (proudly goes over and stands next to Madison)

Madison and Samuel: (looks at eachother in unison)

[scene cuts]
Madison: (asleep on Samuel's shoulder)
Samuel: Madison! (nudges Madison) Madison!
Madison: (wakes up) What happened? Did they win?

Samuel: No. They've been playing that game for a three hours.

Madison: So who's gonna verse first?
Samuel: I wanna verse you first!

Babushka: (hits ping pong ball so hard that it makes a hole in Samuel's paddle) Next!

Samuel: No wait, I want a second chance!
Babushka: And I don't. Next!
Samuel: How come Madison got a second chance?!

Babushka: Because she's my friend and you're not.

Crystal Comes To Town

Samuel: Come on, Crystal let Madison sit down.
Crystal: thanks.

Samuel: Hey, Madison, can I speak to you in private?

Madison: Well actually I'm in the middle of some-
Samuel: (drags Madison by the arm)
Madison: Where are we going?
Samuel: Somewhere private! (drags her into the door going down to the basement and closes the door behind him)
Madison: Okay, what is this all about?
Phil: Hey guys!
Madison and Samuel: (screams)
Madison: Phil, what are you doing down here?
Phil: Testing out my flashlight.
Samuel: Hey, didn't you test that out a week ago? It should be working right now.
Phil: Yeah...hey, are you guys on a date?
Madison: No. Just get out.

Phil: (pouts) Fine. I'll leave you two alone!

Samuel: Does she have to stay?

Madison: Who?
Samuel: Crystal! She's a nightmare and...I think she likes me...
Madison: As a friend, I get it.
Samuel: No, more than a friend, man!
Madison: Why would she have a crush on you? She's three years older than you!
Samuel: So? I'm two years older than you and I have a crush on you!
Madison: What?!?!

Samuel: Nothing...nothing...

Madison: Crystal, do you have a crush on Samuel?Crystal: Why do you wanna know?

Madison: Because...I mean...what do you see in him? I mean, he's so round and-

Samuel: Okay, I think she has established that!

Diet Time

Madison: No offense, but you guys are getting obese.

Samuel: (gasps) What does that mean?
Madison: You're getting fat.

Samuel: (gasps louder)

Madison: So according to this new TV schedule, it is Samuel's turn to watch TV.

Samuel: (to Babushka) Ha!
Madison: But he only has five more minutes.

Babushka: (to Samuel) Ha!

Samuel: Whoa, Madison, what are you doing?

Madison: Cranking the speed on this treadmill! See look, I'm running!
Samuel: Be careful! Maybe you should dial it down a bit.
Madison: Right. I'll just... (treadmill spirals out of control) Ah! I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS! (running very fast on the spot)
Samuel: Okay, just hang in there! Just try to calm down and-
Madison: (falls off treadmill and hits the back wall hard)

Samuel: (makes a shocked face)

In Love

Madison: Okay, you Samuel, have to help me get ready.

Samuel: Why do I have to?

Madison: Just come on! (drags Samuel upstairs by the arm)

Samuel: Okay, you can come out now!

Madison: (comes out wearing pretty outfit) So, what do you think?
Samuel: Whoa...
Madison: Put the music on!
Samuel: (turns on stereo as dance music plays)
Madison: (gracefully comes down the stairs) Do you think Carl will like my outfit?

Samuel: Well I do!

Matthew: So, how was your date? Did you kiss your date and they broke up with you?

Madison: No...

Samuel: NOOOOOO!

Samuel: Wait, you're saying that "Madeline" isn't your girlfriend?

Carl: No, man.
Samuel: Excuse me for a sec. (shuts door, dances around wildly for a few seconds and knocks on the door again)
Carl: (opens door)

Samuel: (in a serious tone) I'll tell her the news.

Madison: Wait a minute, you're just making this up so I can dump him and go out with you!

Samuel: What do you mean?
Madison: You had a crush on me ever since the day we arrived and you're just jealous of Carl! So you're just making up a stupid story to get me to dump him.
Samuel: Well, that's a type thing that I would do but I didn't do it!
Madison: You know, you're supposed to be my best friend; and best friends are supposed to be happy for eachother's love life. Did I encourage you to stop dating Loretta?
Samuel: Yes...

Madison: Well, that's different 'cos she's Loretta! Look, just forget it. You're being such a bad friend right now and I don't even care anymore. I'm not dumping Carl, and that's it. I gotta go.

Madison: You were telling the truth the whole time.

Samuel: Yeah I was.
Madison: Maybe if you weren't hitting on me at every chance you get I would've believed you.
Samuel: Well, look at you; how could I not resist you? So, maybe you might want to consider going out with someone else. Preferably standing right next to you?
Madison: I don't know. I mean, this was a tough break for me. I mean, what's the rush? I'm only 12; I got plenty of time to find someone great. I don't wanna think about love, or crushes, or relationships or anything right now. I just want to be happy because I got super cool friends who got my back. And anyone who understands that is a really good friend.
Samuel: Well, I understand that.

Madison: Well, thanks for being a good friend. (hugs Samuel)

The Punishment You Get

Madison: Samuel, that a ten dollar bill in your hand?!

Samuel: What bill? (shoves bill in his pocket)
Loretta: Don't forget to vote for me, Samuel! I didn't give you the bill for nothing.

Madison: I can't believe this. You're supposed to be my best friend and support me but you've been on Loretta's side all along. You know I'm gonna lose the election because of you?

Samuel: (taps Madison on shoulder and whispers) Psst. Madison!

Madison: Go away, I need to deliver my speech.
Samuel: I wanna talk to you. Come back stage.
Madison: No, I don't want to.
Samuel: I'll hit you.
Madison: You will not!
Samuel: (hits Madison on the back of her head)

Madison: (grabs head) Ouch! (sighs and goes around the curtain)

Madison: What?

Samuel: Look, I wanna appologise. I knew going with Loretta's votes were wrong, and you totally deserve to win. Can I please give you a good luck hug?
Madison: Fine. (hugs Samuel)

Samuel: (secretly turns on Madison's microphone)

Madison: Thanks, Samuel. (kisses Samuel on the cheek and walks off with Babushka)
Samuel: No, Madison. Thank you!

Madison: What is up with you?

Samuel: Come on, Madison. You and I love each other, and you know what people do when they love each other? They date!
Madison: What makes you say I love you?
Samuel: You kissed me on the cheek, remember? After you won the election.
Madison: I kissed you because you helped me win the election; not because I like you.

Samuel: You can say it; but you never mean it, girl!

Madison: Hey, have you seen Samuel around?

Babushka: No, why?
Madison: He's been following me around all day, never leaving my side and giving me love letters, chocolates and roses non-stop!
Samuel: There you are! Do you like all the gifts I sent you?
Madison: Why are you doing this?
Samuel: I told you; you like me!
Madison: I don't like you and you're really making me annoyed right now!
Samuel: Just admit your love for me and we'll be fine.

Madison: You know what? Just stop! You heard me; stop! (runs off crying)

Madison: So, you know how Samuel has always had this tiny crush on me?
Matthew: I think the whole world knows that he does not have a tiny crush on you. He's in love with you.

Madison: Maybe in two of three years...when I'm all mature...maybe I'll consider going out with you. Just not right now, okay?

Samuel: Okay.
Madison: (pulls Samuel into a hug, and then walks off)

Samuel: Right, right...TWO OR THREE YEARS?!

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