! Nausheen Ali is a fictional celebrity. She is based off of someone of the same name who isn't famous. Since no photographs of her can be obtained (both for privacy and personal reasons), the American teen actress Skai Jackson is used instead of her. Please note that Nausheen does not resemble Skai in any way; except for her skin and eye colour; and they are around the same age.
Nausheen Ali
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Born: March 31, 2003
Character: Babushka
Occupation: Actress
Years Active: 2003-present

Nausheen Ali (born as नौशीन अली) is an Indo-American teen actress, singer, songwriter and model. She is a member of Zendellaneyton along with Zendaya, Bella Thorne and Peyton List. She is best known for portraying the role of Babushka in the fictional Clearstime series, BABYSITTER, Bertha in the short-lived movie series Vampire's Tomb, and Harmony in the movie 5:13.

Life and Career

To be added.

Personal life

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To be added.

Music Videos

Year Main Artist Song Album
2011 Babysitter Cast ft. Dorothy Pat Jumpstart Babysitter Sound Track
2011 Peyton List Life In Chicago Babysitter Sound Track
2012 Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast I Thought You Were The One Babysitter Sound Track II
2013 Peyton List Leave It All To Me Hello...My Name Is
2013 Zendellaneyton Wings Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Zendellaneyton Change Your Life Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Zendellaneyton ft. Karin Konoval How Ya Doin'? Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Zendellaneyton Going Nowhere Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Zendellaneyton DNA Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Zendellaneyton Madhouse Babysitter It Up Girlz
2013 Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast We Are Family (8 minute version) Babysitter: The Movie Soundtrack (EP)
2013 Pharrell Williams Happy Single release/G I R L
2014 Zendellaneyton Move Salute
2014 Zendellaneyton Little Me Salute
2014 Peyton List ft. Babysitter Cast Thinking of You Single release
2014 Zendellaneyton Salute Salute
2015 Peyton List Count Me In Me Being Me
2015 Zendellaneyton Black Magic Get Weird
2015 Zendellaneyton Hair Get Weird
2016 Zendellaneyton Love Me Like You Get Weird
2016 Zendellaneyton ft. Kyle Massey Secret Love Song Get Weird
2016 Zendellaneyton ft. RAGHI. Hair* Get Weird
2016 Zendellaneyton Shout Out To My Ex Glory Days
2016 Peyton List ft. Nausheen Ali Rainfall Tightened Love
2017 Zendellaneyton Touch Glory Days
2017 Zendellaneyton ft. Charlie Puth Oops Glory Days

* The music video is for a remixed version of the song featuring the rapper and singer RAGHI.. The music features elements from the original Hair music video released in November 2015, however RAGHI.'s parts were filmed separate and edited into the original music video.


To be added.

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