Now, That Is What I Call Babysitting! (TV Series)
General information
Genre Family/Teen Sitcom
Starring Raid Alexander
Paris Berelc
Joey Bragg
Missi Pyle
Laura Bou
Opening theme "Life in Chicago" by Raid Alexander
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 16
Production information
Executive producer(s) Unknown
Producer(s) Unknown
Location(s) USA
Running time 25-27 mins
Original channel Clearstime
Original run January 6, 2017

Now, That Is What I Call Babysitting! is a spin-off series of BABYSITTER. It first aired on Clearstime on January 6, 2017.


The series is a gender-flipped version of the original series. It centers on five everyday individuals who are given the opportunity to move out of their regular homes and live with four strangers in the Sparks Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

Cast and Characters

Main Characters

  • Raid Alexander as Max
  • Paris Berelc as Samantha
  • Joey Bragg as Boone
  • Missi Pyle as Matilda
  • Laura Bou as Philipa

Recurring Characters

  • RAGHI. as Mr Mullar
  • Sophie Reynolds as Cassie
  • Tessa Netting as Daisy

Returning Characters

School Struck

  • Wendie Malick as Miss Martinez

Home Sick to My Stomach

Backlash & Mouthwash

  • Rose Abdoo as the Samosas Woman
  • Peter Henderson as Dr. Peters


  • Spencer List as Marcus

Daisy's Got Game

  • Kali Rocha as Spain's mother

Ms. Memorial at Your Service

Glitter + Camping = Glamping!

  • Maya Joseph as Sheniqua

Behind the Scenes


  • The series was announced in May 2016.
  • The series is a spin-off of BABYSITTER, making it the third Clearstime series to gain a spin-off.
  • The show focuses on a new group of random strangers living in the same hotel room. The characters are gender-flipped, meaning that the protagonist of the series is a male.
  • None of the original cast will be in the series. However, old characters may make a cameo appearance.
  • The spin-off was created by popular demand.
  • Rachel MorCox; the executive producer of Babysitter will only be co-executive producing the series, as she is currently executive producing another television show called Earn It!.
  • When Earn It! was first announced, fans thought that it was a Babysitter spin-off.
  • A 16 episode first season was ordered for the series.
  • The series aired on January 6, 2017, which is almost 2 years after the original series ended.
  • Peyton List, Kyle Massey and Nausheen Ali made a cameo in the episode "Home Sick to My Stomach", as production for the episode was filmed and completed in late August 2016. The episode aired on February 3, 2017 to 5.14 million viewers.
  • The series' name was announced on October 5, 2016.
  • Spencer List is confirmed to appear in an episode.
  • The theme song for the show is "Life in Chicago" and is performed by the lead star, Raid Alexander. "Life in Chicago" was originally sung by Peyton List and was first featured in the hour-event BABYSITTER episode Dreams Come Alive.
  • The first episode of the series received 4.2 million views and received mixed reviews from critics.
  • Oana Gregory (who plays Veronica), is due to appear in an upcoming episode.

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