This is a list of Mamuel-Lovers (users who ship Mamuel). Feel free to add yourself if you ship Mamuel. Also, try to add information about yourself about why you consider yourself as a Mamuel-Lover.

Our Mamuel-Lovers

  • Princess Salvatore - The pairing itself is quirky, unique and undeniably cute. They had their ups and downs, good days and bad. They can be defined as being the perfect relationship. Despite the dozen of cheating claims, the pair was in love and they got through everything. They brought out the best in each other. I will ship Mamuel until I take my final breath on this earth.
  • Dechel-Auslly-Flyna
  • FinchelGirl3213
  • No.1 KatyKat


This is a list of characters from BABYSITTER  who fans think they ship Mamuel:


  • In the episode A Love/Hate Situation, Babushka tells Madison that she should go out with Samuel
  • She didn't even mind that Madison and Samuel dated


  • In the episode Crystal Comes To Town, Phil asks Madison and Samuel if they were on a date excitely, and looked a bit disappointed when they said that they weren't