"Peyton List/Pairings" refers to the fanon relationships Peyton List has with her cast mates and/or band members.

Neyton Alist

Neyton Alist
Neyton Alist
Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards, replacing Nausheen and Peyton.

Shipped Cast:

Peyton List and Nausheen Ali


Best Friends

Movies/TV Shows Together:

Shake It Up
The Undead
Now, That Is What I Call Babysitting!
Glory Days

Neyton Alist is the real-life pairing of Nausheen Ali (N/ausheen) (Ali) and Peyton List (P/eyton) (Li/st). They are best friends, and are both members of Zendellaneyton, with the counterpart of Zendella (Bella and Zendaya). They are known to be the closest friends of the group and the entire Babysitter cast. Despite the show being over, both girls still hang out together and occasionally have sleepovers, shopping trips etc.

Since Nausheen Ali isn't a real-life celebrity, no real-life photos of her can be obtained, and her and Peyton has never met.

Relationship Rumours

Much like "Larry Stylinson" in One Direction, there have been rumours circulating about a supposed romantic relationship between the two girls. Although the girls have been close friends for over 6 years, they have been rumoured to be together since 2013; the year of Zendellaneyton's formation. Although neither of them have confirmed the relationship officially, the relationship is supported by a majority of the Zendellaneyton fanbase. A few notable hints include:

  • They occasionally look at each other while they're performing or being interviewed.
  • They occasionally tweet to each other using flirty emojis.

    Leigh-Anne (Nausheen) hugging Perrie (Peyton).

  • They normally sit or stand close to each other while being interviewed.
  • When asked about if they could date anyone in the group, both girls have said each other.
  • Their arms are sometimes around each other when being interviewed.
  • They are often photographed in public together holding hands.
  • They often wink, smirk or smile at each other during interviews and performances.
  • They often appear in Instagram and Snapchat videos together.
  • They made an oath to each other that when they are both in their 30s and they are both unmarried, they will marry each other.
  • They often like and comment on each other's Instagram posts; and commonly compliment each other's posts.


  • Peyton List came out as bisexual in May 2017. Although it is implied that Nausheen is heterosexual, her sexuality is still unconfirmed.
  • It is noted that they have kissed/made-out atleast 5 times.
    • The first one was in June 2014. Nausheen tweeted, "peyton just gave me a peck on the lips this morning..weird..but good weird!! :)"
    • The second was for an adult comedy series (see below).
    • The third was in a deleted scene in the fictional series The Undead (However, since it was acted out; it was likely that they kissed more than once or twice in between takes).
    • The fourth was on stage on September 9, 2016, during their Sydney show.
    • The fifth being at Bella Thorne's 19th birthday party on October 8, 2016.
  • They have been rumored to be dating since atleast 2013. However, the ship wasn't popularized until the release of Black Magic.
  • Zendaya "confirmed" their relationship on August 9, 2016.



  • In late 2014, the two girls made out on camera. It was for an American adult comedy show; where the host made a joke about what Nausheen and Peyton were doing in the dressing room while Bella and Zendaya were on the main sound stage. The LCD screen displayed Nausheen and Peyton kissing on a bed. They get to the point of making out for so long that they start taking each other's clothes off before one of the "producers" enters the room and catches them, telling them to come on stage.
  • During a meet-and-greet, when a fan asked them if their relationship was real, Nausheen responded by saying, "Yes. Neyton is very real."
  • While performing Black Magic at an outdoor music festival in mid-2015, Nausheen leaned in for a kiss with Peyton, but pulls back at the last split second.
  • When they appeared on the Today Show in February 2016, the host asked if their relationship was real. At first, Nausheen denied it; however she was not looking at the host and was fiddling with her coat while she said this. However, Peyton delightfully stated, "Yes. Neyton is real, everybody!".
  • In early 2015, Nausheen was cast for a recurring role in the fictional supernatural series The Undead. Peyton guest starred in one episode of the show, playing Nausheen's character's love interest's younger sister. Although the episode with Peyton aired, a deleted scene from the episode was leaked onto the internet. It featured Nausheen and Peyton's characters talking, and then eventually Peyton's character kisses Nausheen's. After Peyton's character apologizes, Nausheen's character leans in again for another kiss, and it lasted for about thirty seconds. This then leads to the characters making out, as Peyton's character pushes Nausheen's character against the wall and they continue to kiss passionately. Another character from the series witnesses them kiss through binoculars, and says that Nausheen's character's love interest would not like this.
    • This scene was cut from the episode since the producers decided at the last minute to remove Nausheen's character's sexuality out of the storyline, as Peyton was only scheduled to appear in one episode and the kiss would lead to other places. With enough storylines and events going on in the series already, another one (which is slightly more complicated) couldn't be fit in.
    • A HD version of the scene can be viewed on YouTube, and it currently has surfaced over 3 million views. The scene is also used regularly in fanmade Neyton videos.
  • In October 2015, each of the girls were interviewed individually, however the other girls watched on. When Nausheen says in her interview, "I can literally pretend that I am in love with anyone.", Bella whispers to Zendaya, "With Peyton she doesn't have to pretend.". Despite hearing her say this, Nausheen doesn't deny it.
  • In February 2016, Spencer (Peyton's brother) posted a series of videos on Peyton's snapchat. In the videos, Spencer (who was filming) asked Peyton what she thought of Nausheen. Peyton told him that she thought that she was cool. Spencer then says, "Oh my god, it's confirmed, folks. Neyton Alist is real! Neyton Alist is real!". The video continues with Spencer asking Peyton about Nausheen's whereabouts, however Peyton says that she isn't exactly sure. Spencer tells her, "Why? You should know where she is. She's your girlfriend.". Peyton then blushes and starts to walk away, however Spencer continues to tease her by saying, "Ooh she's blushing! She's blushing!".
  • When performing Secret Love Song on the first leg of the tour, Nausheen sung Kyle's part; which meant that the girls were left singing to each other. They also stand close together.
  • When performing "I Love You" on the second leg of the tour, each girl was performing on a cloud with their significant others painted in front of it. Bella's was "Greg", Nausheen's was "Jake", Zendaya was "My Dog" and Peyton's was "Nausheen".
    • Nausheen and Peyton are also co-writers of the song.
  • In one of their shows, Nausheen's microphone cut-out whilst she was in the middle of her part in "Secret Love Song Pt. II". Peyton gives her microphone to Nausheen.
  • Before performing "Love Me Like You" at one of their shows, Nausheen dedicated the song to Peyton, saying that she is dedicating the song to a special girl, whom she met five and a half years ago.
  • At one of their recent shows, Peyton lips "I'm yours" to Nausheen while Bella is singing her part during Secret Love Song Part II.
    • It was noted during/after a few performances of this song where Peyton kissed Nausheen on the cheek at one point, and the girls were holding hands through out the entire song.
  • This occurred at another gig:
Nausheen: I love reading these signs that y'all make. Wait, what does that one say? 'Marry me, Nausheen Ali?' Haha. I might need to ask my mom first so that she can approve of the-

Peyton: Hey! What are you doing?!
Nausheen: This fan asked me if I could marry them.
Peyton: (to fan) Hey! You sir. No one is marrying Nausheen except for me, okay buddy?!
Nausheen: You're serious, right babe?

Peyton: Yes! We're inseparable! Neyton is real! [hugs Nausheen]
  • At another show during SLS Pt II, Peyton reads a sign saying, "Neyton is real" and Peyton says it is real. She looks at Nausheen for a few seconds, however Nausheen doesn't look back and Peyton looks disappointed.
  • During their South American leg of the tour, Nausheen and Peyton had to share a hotel room and slept in the same bed.
    • Bella makes a joke saying that if neither of the girls snapchat during the night, it means that they are "doing it".
  • During a radio interview on August 9, 2016, Zendellaneyton were asked a series of questions. At one point, the host asks about their hotel situation, and Bella and Zendaya are going all out explaining the Neyton situation. Zendaya then reveals that Nausheen and Peyton were officially a couple. Nausheen and Peyton both agree, and they hold hands and shouts "love wins!".
    • Later that day, Zendaya tweeted, "As of now: August 9, 2016, Nausheen and Peyton are OFFICIALLY a couple!! #NeytonCameOut". This hashtag trended on Twitter for hours after this happened.
  • During Zendellaneyton's August 10 gig, Bella and Zendaya made the entire audience chant "Neyton is real!" several times, making Nausheen and Peyton embarrassed.
  • During the same show, Peyton looked at Nausheen while Nausheen was singing her part in Secret Love Song Pt. II. Nausheen takes notice of this and tells her to stop; "Oh, why can't you hold me in the street? Why can't I kiss you on the dancefloor? Peyton, stop looking at me! I wish that it could be like that...".
    • Nausheen then sneaks up on Peyton during Peyton's part, standing inches from her. Peyton doesn't notice this until the end of the song because she had her eyes closed while she was singing. Peyton jumps at the sight of Nausheen and slaps her.
  • During Zendellaneyton's trip to Sydney on their world tour in early September 2016, the girls had an interview with 2-Day FM. The game was called "Hair or Care" (a standardized "yes or no" game). One of the questions was "Hair or Care: If a cute boy approached you and asked you out", to which Peyton responded with, "Why does it have to be a boy? Why does a girl need to be with a boy in order to be happy?". She was also looking at Nausheen while saying this, and Nausheen takes notice by saying, "Why are you looking at me when you're saying that?!".
  • On September 9, 2016, the girls kissed on stage for a few seconds between the songs "A.D.I.D.A.S." and "DNA/Pillowtalk".
    • Nausheen also posted a picture of the two of them kissing with the caption, "It was a special night for the both of us. <3 @peytonlist". Peyton then commented on the post a few hours later with the winking kissy face, red heart and heart eyes emoji.
    • A fan on Twitter also asked Peyton, "How was it like kissing Nausheen?", and she responded with the word "Wet", along with a lipstick mark and tongue emoji.
  • Peyton was openly supportive of Nausheen's new relationship with the Indian model Zahid Muralidharan, by commenting on Nausheen's Instagram post, "I'm so happy for you!!!" followed with the heart eyes emoji.
  • On October 8, 2016, Peyton and Nausheen were among the guests that attended Bella Thorne's 19th birthday party. At one point during the night, Peyton posted a video on her snapchat of her kissing Nausheen.
  • On October 16, 2016, a fan tweeted, "So does Nausheen have a boyfriend or a girlfriend??" to which Nausheen responded with, "Why can't I have both?".
  • Nausheen and Peyton appeared on a morning talk show on November 9, 2016. They were interviewed about their new single, "Rainfall" and the American presidential election. Nausheen cried on camera after the election was brought up, and Peyton publically supported her by hugging her, caressing her arm and kissing her on the cheek.
    • Nausheen also posted a picture on Instagram with the two of them, and captioned it, "I'm so thankful for sharing the stage with my wife!".
    • The girls also watched their episode together and documented it on Snapchat.
  • Nausheen posted a picture of her, Zahid (her boyfriend) and Peyton on the American Music Awards red carpet and captioned it "Date night with my boyfriend and girlfriend."
    • Zahid commented on the post, "Neyton is better," along with a few emojis.
  • During the girls' performance of "Rainfall" at the Nine Network's Christmas Bash, they sung closely to each other and dedicated the lyrics to each other (for example, changing "boy" to "girl").
  • Nausheen posted a picture on Instagram on December 31, 2016; of a screenshot of her listening to Rainfall. She ended the caption with, "(PS. @peytonlist I am still looking for someone for my new years kiss... ;)).
    • Peyton commented on the post a few hours later, "@nausheenali I'd be honored to kiss you tonight! Just promise to keep it a secret. <3"
Neyton Matching Shirts

Neyton wearing matching pyjamas.

  • Peyton posted a picture on her Instagram story of her and Nausheen in matching pyjamas, that has the words "Let's Avocuddle" on them. They are also in the same bed and are sitting really close to each other.
  • Nausheen posted a video on her YouTube channel with Zendellaneyton which was filmed on their fourth-year anniversary. In the video, they were playing "Who Knows Who Best". One of the questions was "Who is most likely going to get pregnant first?", and Nausheen and Peyton wrote down each other. They exchanged this dialogue in the video:
Peyton: [to Nausheen] What?! Why did you write me down?

Nausheen: [to Peyton] You're gonna get pregnant before any of us. I mean look at you.
Peyton: No way, way more guys are attracted to you than me.
Nausheen: Oh my gosh. I don't understand why you were single this whole time. I'm surprised that guys aren't like, fighting over you.
Peyton: No! Why would you say that?!
Nausheen: You're literally the most beautiful girl I have seen in my entire life. And I'm not just saying that. You don't even have to try, you're just so hot and talented and...beautiful.
Peyton: You're talking about yourself, babe. There's barely any guys who want to go out with me.
Nausheen: And I cannot believe that there is no line of boys waiting outside that door for you. I'm serious.
Peyton: Wait, I know why you wrote my name down...
Nausheen: Why?
Peyton: Because all I have to do is just look at one of your posts on Instagram and I fall pregnant. Yes, you have that impact on me. [quietly] Even the other day when we were shooting that thing...when you barely had any clothes on and you were touching yourself and the water was pouring over your body. I literally could not contain myself. I swear that made me pregnant!
Nausheen: Same here, babe. I literally could not contain myself during our vacation to Cancun a few weeks ago. Just looking at you in that bikini made me like, wet. [laughs]
Peyton: Same! [giggles with Nausheen]

[Nausheen and Peyton start playfully touching each other's hands before Bella interrupts their "flirt session."]
  • Peyton also swapped places with Bella in the middle of the full video after she saw Zendaya and Nausheen interacting physically. This is possibly because she was jealous and wanted to sit next to Nausheen.
  • Nausheen and Peyton went on a double date to the Super bowl on February 5, 2017 with their boyfriends Zahid Muralidharan and Charlie Puth. The two of them were photographed flirting with one another and sitting very close to each other. This sparked a controversial response on social media because their boyfriends were sitting next to them the entire time while they were "flirting".
    • Nausheen also posted a photo on Instagram of her and Peyton a few hours later with the caption, "I never knew that reuniting with my girlfriend would feel so good!".

Peyton's post about Nausheen.

  • On February 17, 2017, Peyton posted a photo Instagram of her gazing into Nausheen's eyes. Her caption implies that she is in love with Nausheen, however Nausheen doesn't return the feelings.
    • Nausheen commented, "I love you" on the post a few hours later.
    • Zendaya commented, "I always knew that you loved her.." on the post.
    • Around the time that she posted the comment on Peyton's post, Nausheen posted a series of videos on her snapchat of her listening to "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" in bed. She also captioned the videos "Thinkin' 'bout someone..." and "In a lovey mood," while batting her eyes and blushing.
  • Nausheen and Peyton have both been confronted by Indigo Radio and TMZ, and both of them have stated that they do indeed love each other.
  • Peyton was openly supportive about the release of Nausheen's debut album. She posted a picture of the album artwork on her Instagram and wrote, "My queen has a bright future ahead of her. I released MY debut album at 14 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Love you lots! And the album rocks too. x"
  • When Peyton shared a photo on her Instagram of her and her girlfriend Krissy Saleh kissing on July 14, Nausheen commented on the post, "This is the most beautiful picture I've seen #lovewins".
  • A fan asked Peyton on the post, "Where's Nausheen at though? I thought that you and her were together." Peyton commented back, "I never confirmed or denied the fact that I dated Nausheen. But this is a post about me and Krissy, so if you could focus on our relationship instead, that'd be great."
  • On August 25, 2017, Peyton posted a picture on Instagram, and Nausheen commented, "For once, I don't have anything clever to say... You're just really goddamn breathtaking." Peyton commented back with a monkey-covering-eyes and a kissy-face emoji.
  • During a press interview for the new Netflix series Glory Days, the two girls were sitting next to each other whilst talking about the new show. For the first 3 minutes of the interview, Nausheen's hand was in Peyton's lap (holding Peyton's hand). There was also a point in the interview where Nausheen stared at Peyton which caused Peyton to lose focus for a few seconds, and Peyton placed her hand in Nausheen's lap for most of the interview. The girls also revealed in the interview that there will be a few "Neyton" scenes in the show which will make the Neyton shippers happy. Nausheen also told Peyton she loved her quietly after Peyton laughed about a joke that Nausheen had said.
  • Nausheen's and Peyton's characters are going to share a kiss in Glory Days. Nausheen teased this by posting a picture on Instagram on September 26, 2017 of her looking somewhat shocked whilst Peyton was mimicking the same expression holding Nausheen's wrists. Nausheen captioned the post with, "My woman crush Wednesday will first and foremost always be @peytonlist."
    • It is hinted that they will kiss as it appears that some of their lipstick is smudged over each other's lips.
  • On October 24, 2017, the two of them reunited after Peyton was sick with a gastric problem and couldn't go to New York with the rest of Zendellaneyton. In the morning, Nausheen posted a series of things on her Snapchat, including a selfie of her and Peyton where their cheeks were touching, a video prior to this selfie where the girls stood there and posed (before Nausheen told Peyton "it's a video"), a video where Peyton was in Nausheen's trailer and most importantly, a video where Nausheen was making a loud noise while lying down on her bed. In the video, Peyton responded by making a louder noise and hugged Nausheen from behind, kissing Nausheen a few times all over her cheeks. Nausheen giggled widely and let Peyton do so.
    • Later that day, Nausheen posted that her and Peyton were having a "date night", where Nausheen posted several videos from the date. Peyton also posted a picture of Nausheen on her own Snapchat story. A few hours later, Nausheen posted on a photograph on Instagram and Twitter from the date where her and Peyton were gazing at each other while sharing a milkshake. She captioned the photo with, "We got a bit tipsy before dessert" on Instagram and captioned it with three rose emojis on Twitter. Peyton commented on the Instagram post, "I'm aware. Our lips touched the straws and it was all just a blur from there," to which Nausheen responded with, "I think our lips touched more than the straws but idekkkkk mannn it was a very confusing night..."
  • On October 31, 2017, Peyton posted a picture on Instagram to which Nausheen commented, "You will be the death of me, Peyton Roi List."
  • During a press interview for Glory Days in December 2017, Peyton couldn't seem to take her eyes off of Nausheen, who was sitting across the table from her. There was a point during the interview where Nausheen winked at Peyton and Peyton blushed. Also, Peyton complimented Nausheen by saying:
Peyton: Can I just say that you look absolutely stunning today?

Nausheen: Do I?
Peyton: Yeah, I'm just *pause* looking at you.

Nausheen: Thanks, babe.
  • Peyton's character in Glory Days is meant to harbour a secret crush on Nausheen's character. Towards the end of season 1, their relationship will be explored further.
  • During their Christmas/New Years break, Nausheen and Peyton ran into each other at a random cafe in New York. Nausheen's boyfriend Zahid openly stated that this was a sign that the universe wanted Nausheen and Peyton to be together.
    • They also spent New Years Eve together as well. On January 1, 2018, Nausheen posted a picture of her kissing Peyton's cheek on Instagram with the caption, "Going into the new year for the 8th time with my best friend."
  • In Zendellaneyton's song Is Your Love Enough?, both girls sing the line, "Girl, you can do more than talking baby," at some point during the song. Nausheen quoted this on Twitter to which Peyton replied with, "🤗 🤗 ❤️". Thousands of fans responded to Peyton's reply saying things like, "She's singing about you," "NEYTON IS REAL," "Like this tweet if Nausheen is singing about Peyton," to which Peyton favourited tweets of that nature.
  • On January 14, 2018 during Zendellaneyton's anniversary livestream, Nausheen brought up the fact that hundreds of tweets that used the hashtag "#PlatinumEditionQ&A" included "Neyton" in them, by saying, "No, literally. If I type in 'hashtag-platinum-edition-Q&A' in the search bar, it says 'Neyton' under it! Look! [...] It's so annoying! [...] Is there a way I could mute the word 'Neyton' until this livestream is over?"
    • Zendaya responded to Nausheen whilst looking into the camera, "You'd be muting half of your mentions, man," to which Peyton replied (while blushing), "Three quarters of her mentions. Are you dumb? Gosh... [...] She gets more harassed about it than me. I think it's because I'm already out of the closet." A few seconds later, Nausheen spoke up again and said, "We're never gonna stop getting Neyton questions, so I may as well just..." Bella cut in and told her, "Tell them what they want to hear! Tell all the Neyton shippers viewing this right now what they should know." This exchange occured during the livestream after Nausheen hesitated for a few seconds:
Nausheen: Well, if you guys think it's real-

Bella and Zendaya: [cuts in] IT IS REAL!
Nausheen: Um, okay, um...
Bella and Zendaya: [chants and cheers]
Nausheen: [sigh] चुप रहो! (chup raho; "shut up")
Bella and Zendaya: [continues to chant and cheer]
Nausheen: Can we please move on to something else now?

Peyton: Yes.

  • On January 30, 2018, after Peyton posted a live cover of I'd Rather Go Blind on her Instagram story (where she changed "her" to "him" ["When I saw you and him talking"] and "girl" to "boy" ["When I saw you and that boy walking around"]), she then posted another video of herself blushing and saying, "I'm so freakin' gay right now. Hehehe..." with the video surrounded with rainbow emojis. Her followers were quick to notice that at the time the video was filmed, a majority of her tagged pictures were either Neyton or Nausheen pictures. Many fans believe that Peyton made the "gay" comment either because she was singing about Nausheen and her boyfriend Zahid, or because she was looking at her recently tagged pictures.
  • On January 31, 2018, Nausheen hosted an Instagram live whilst she was doing her own makeup, and she was asked the question, "Are you the reason that Peyton is bi?", to which she responded with, "Honestly, I don't know. I mean, I never really asked her about it. Yeah, sure, we've had late night conversations and hang-outs where we'd just talk about personal things like sexuality and stuff, but I don't think she's ever told me, you know, well that. Um, honestly in my opinion, I don't think someone can be a reason that you're gay or straight or whatever since you're generally born with it and it's just who you are. But if I am the reason Peyton's bi, then that's pretty awesome, and I wouldn't blame her because if I wasn't me, whether I was a guy or girl, I'd still think that I'd look smoking hot."
    • A few minutes later, another fan asked, "What's your sexuality?" to which Nausheen responded with, "Man, I get asked this question all the time. Honest answer? I don't know yet."
  • On February 6, 2018, Zendellaneyton's app was updated to include a new feature which includes around 10 public chatrooms with the girls themselves and other fans. The chatrooms were named automatically. The most significant chatroom was labeled, "NEYTON SHIPPERS"; catered specifically to fans who support the Neyton ship.
  • Peyton released her debut single from her fourth studio album entitled "Dusk Till Dawn" on March 2, 2018, and many fans have speculated that the song was written about Nausheen. 
    • The bridge of the song contains the lyrics, "Girl, give love to your body. It's only you that can stop it."
    • In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Peyton stated that she was in love with someone [a girl] at the time when she wrote it. She also gave hints about this particular person, by saying that the girl was someone she was friends with for a long time (ruling out her ex-girlfriend Krissy Saleh; as they've only known each other for about a year), and that she was "maybe" romantically involved with this girl.
    • Peyton also stated that the song can be about a friendship; however she herself interprets it as a love song.
  • Nausheen and Peyton (along with Bella and Zendaya) presented at the 2018 Oscars on March 4, 2018. The two of them were holding hands for the entire time they were shown on camera. They were the only ones out of the group who held hands on stage.
    • Also, during an interview on the red carpet, Peyton gave Nausheen a once-over with a smile on her face when the interviewer complimented Nausheen's outfit.


  • The music video for their song "Rainfall" was released on October 18, 2016. It portrays the story of a reasonably wealthy girl who had a fight with her parents about her future (portrayed by Peyton) and a poor, homeless and shy girl (portrayed by Nausheen). The two girls meet after Peyton sees Nausheen busk for money and Peyton is interested in getting to know Nausheen. Nausheen however, tells Peyton that she has to go "home", and Peyton gives her a $100 bill. Nausheen reluctantly takes it and walks away, and the two of them go their separate ways. Peyton sneaking into her bedroom and Nausheen arranging her bed on a park bench is juxtaposed. The next day, Nausheen sets up for another day of busking while Peyton is hanging out with her friend. Peyton spots Nausheen from afar and offers to buy her lunch, however Nausheen runs away before Peyton could approach her. Upset, Peyton enters goes home and her father starts yelling at her. Peyton is frustrated and slams her bedroom door in her father's face and slides down the door in tears. Peyton's father attempts to get Peyton to open the door, however she is too upset to stand up. Across the city, Nausheen continues to run away and sits down on her park bench. She cries for a while until she picks up the $100 bill and looks at it. The next day, Peyton's father drags her down the street and tells her not to leave his side. Nausheen spots Peyton from across the street. Peyton's father tells her to wait while he answers his phone, and Peyton spots Nausheen from afar. Nausheen is wearing a new leather jacket. The two of them run up to each other in a massive hug with tears rolling down their cheeks. The video concludes with Peyton asking Nausheen if she wants go back to her house, and Nausheen says yes.


  • The word "Alist" literally translates to "Grown" in Icelandic. Grown is the name of the sixth track on Zendellaneyton's third album Get Weird.

Pella Lorne

Pella Lorne
Bella Thorne and Peyton List

Shipped Cast:

Peyton List and Bella Thorne


Close Friends

Movies/TV Shows Together:

Shake It Up

Pella Lorne is the real-life pairing of Bella Thorne (B/ella) (Th/orne) and Peyton List (P/eyton) (L/ist). They are close friends, and are both members of Zendellaneyton, with the counterpart of Nendaya Aliman (Nausheen and Zendaya). As well as the girl group, both girls have separate music careers. In 2013, they collaborated on the song Best Friends Forever, Should Always Stick Together, which was released on the second Babysitter soundtrack.

In real life, it is revealed in an interview that Peyton met Bella at a young age when they used to do modeling together.

Moments in Music Videos:


  • Peyton texts Bella saying "Where r u?".
  • Bella texts back saying "Getting changed. See u outside in a bit. xx".
  • Peyton texts back saying "KK :)".
  • Bella shows Peyton's text to Zendaya and smiled.
  • Later, Bella texts Peyton back saying "U ready?".
  • Peyton texts back "YES! :D" and heads out the door with Nausheen.
  • They hugged when they greeted each other and skipped down the hall with their hands touching.
  • The entire dance involves them standing next to each other.

Change Your Life

  • Peyton was behind Bella when they were leaning against the brick wall.
  • During the karaoke scene, the two girls are standing next to each other when they're singing.
  • They shared a cloud. They were also smiling at each other when doing so.
  • When all four members were sitting side-by-side when the clouds were joined, the two girls smile at each other until falling to the ground.
  • They had their arms around each other in the final pose.

How Ya Doin'?

  • Both girls have their jail cells next to each other.
  • When Bella spots keys on Karin's belt, she tells Peyton straight away.
  • Bella tells Peyton to distract Karin whilst she sneaks the keys off.
  • Bella successfully snatches the keys off of Karin's belt and frees Peyton first. They hug each other and then walk over to Nausheen's cell.
  • Both girls place their signatures near each other's.


  • Bella walks up to Peyton (and Zendaya) and looks angry when she finds her ex-boyfriend with them.
  • Both girls were dating the same guy.
  • The dance involved them standing next to each other.
  • Both girls were standing next to each other at the funeral and when they were exterminating the guy.
  • They high-five each other after their mission was accomplished.

Going Nowhere

  • Both girls are standing next to each other when they're in the field.
  • They were standing next to each other during the hall-singing scene.


  • Madison comes up to Bella and they fight over the whip.
  • As always, they were standing next to each other during the choreography.
  • Peyton throws a plastic ball at Bella, ricocheting off of Bella's face. Bella is laughing at this.
  • Their arms were linked at the end of the video.


  • Bella gets up straight away when Peyton opens the door.
  • During the fashion show, both girls were hanging out together in the background.

Little Me

  • They walk out together.
  • Bella helps to hold Peyton's cardboard still when she was writing on it.
  • They were smiling at each other during the end clapping scene.

Word Up!

  • They were sitting next to each other in the limo.
  • Both girls helped each other load their guns with paintballs.
  • It is known that their bullying scenario was similar.
  • When they scrambled in at the end, Bella and Peyton's shoulders were touching.


Pendaya Loleman

Pendaya Loleman
Zendaya and Peyton List

Shipped Cast:

Peyton List and Zendaya Coleman


Good Friends

Movies/TV Shows Together:

Shake It Up

Pendaya Loleman is the real-life pairing of Zendaya Coleman (Z/endaya) (C/oleman) and Peyton List (P/eyton) (L/ist). They are good friends, and are both members of Zendellaneyton, with the counterpart of Nella Alorne (Nausheen and Bella).

Not much is known about their friendship in real life.

Moments coming soon!