We should break-up so we can see other people.
— Brittany to Samuel in Babysitter: The Movie
General Information
Shipped Characters Samuel and Brittany
Length of Relationship 2013-2014
Status Exes
Rivals Mamuel

Samany is the romantic pairing of Samuel (Sam/uel) and Brittany (Britt/any) in BABYSITTER. Brittany is only a minor character in the series.


Relationship #1 (3.19-999)

  • Start Up: Assassins Unite
  • Break Up: Babysitter: The Movie

Reason for Break Up: Brittany thinks that he and Madison belong together so she dumps Samuel so they could see other people.

Relationship #2 (4.2-4.5)

  • Start Up: Just For Charity
  • Break Up: Best Friends Forever, Should Not Always Stick Together

Reason for Break Up: Samuel notices that Brittany is too clingy.

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