Princess Salvatore

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  • I live in the Upper East Side.
  • I was born on October 8
  • I am an adult now, I guess?
  • Princess Salvatore

    Hey people. :3 So, as you probably didn't know, last Monday was the 2 year wikiversary for this wiki. Yep, 2 years ago this wiki was born. :P If you don't believe me (y'all should. xP), see my old account that I founded this wiki with.

    I've grown to love this wiki more than anything. Even though I'm one of the only contributors here, I appreciate everyone's time that they dedicated to looking at this wiki. It's taken 2 years for it to be like this.

    Sooo yeah, that's it. xD

    In other news: it's finally school holidays here! :D Here are some benefits from this occasion:

    • Nearly 3 weeks off from school. :3
    • You'll be seeing a lot more of me; on this wiki specifically.
    • I'll be *hopefully* updating the pages that need updating.
    • I will be making a few more pa…

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  • Princess Salvatore

    Howdy, wikians! :D Wow, time flies doesn't it? Can you believe it's been almost a year since Featured Articles were on this wiki? Wow, I can't believe how far this wiki has come since last year, when the wiki's theme were purple, there were tones of admins and this wiki was soooo dead cheap. This wiki has grown up so much! I'm so proud! :D

    No, we're not gonna do that whole "Featured User" thing, just the characters and pairings. :P Vote! :D

    Two easy polls, guys! :)

    EDIT: I need atleast 5 votes for the polls. If not, the featured content would be for September; not August. :/

    EDIT 2: Okay, so clearly this isn't going ahead. Understood.

    Stay beautiful, luvs! ♥

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