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What Is Mamuel?
General Information
Intimacy Level Best Friends
Spouses (future)
Started Friendship February 7, 2011
Friendship Status Broken up
Married (future)

Mamuel is the romantic pairing of Madison (Ma/dison) and Samuel (Sa/muel) in the Clearstime fictional series, BABYSITTER.

Samuel's view on Madison

The clichéd phrase, "love at first sight" comes to mind when you envision Samuel's view on Madison. He fell in love with her the split second he set his luggage bags down and spotted the blonde girl lying on the couch. His immediate instinct was to flirt with her, and seemed interested in getting to know her despite her remarks. He already had his heart set on a future with Madison and was determined to make it happen.

He often tried to impress Madison with his looks and wrote her love letters during class. He was also very possessive of her and made sure that no one else liked her. He became overly jealous whenever Madison started to take interest in another guy and would convince her not to date him otherwise. He would also purchase her expensive gifts; regardless of how money was important to him. For example, he bought Madison a necklace with her name on it and a cellphone of whom he quoted "wasn't cheap". In other words, he wasn't afraid to share his feelings for Madison with the rest of the group, and he wanted to Madison to know that he really cared about her. His crush became so possessive, that he even dated Madison's friend in order to make her jealous.

As the series went on, Samuel's crush and affection for Madison died down a bit. He was a bit jealous when she dated a new guy, however he didn't seem to care so much when Madison called him "cute" and kissed him on the cheek in excitement. He was even interested in other girls. Nonetheless, he was still very protective of her and cared for her as a friend.

Samuel's crush on Madison came back when she started working at Lasagna Pete's. It had returned when he saw Madison in her uniform for work. His crush became just as possessive as it was before; and it had gotten to the point where Samuel told Madison to kiss her while she was caught off guard. Of course by the time his crush had returned, Madison began having feelings for him, so when she asked him out, he was very thrilled.

Samuel continued to be very protective of Madison even while they began their relationship. He was shown to love her alot and he even told her that he'd rather date her than a super model; which obviously meant alot to Madison. He often cheered Madison up when she was feeling down, and he got her to do things she never dared to do before.

He became very heartbroken when he saw Madison running lines with Simon (whom he thought was a real conversation). He decided to break her heart back by cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend, and was proud that they were even. However when Madison didn't respond to his actions like he was expecting to, he realised what he had done and he walked around the city depressed. Whenever he saw something that reminded him of Madison, he stared at it longingly with tears in his eyes. When Samuel and Madison finally managed to talk to each other again, Samuel wanted them to forget about what happened and move on. Of course, it upset him dearly when Madison told him that they should break-up. Despite this, he still wanted to continue his friendship with Madison.

His feelings for Madison after their break-up seemed neutral, and after a few weeks he was ready to move on. Hence, he started dating Brittany. Some interactions with Madison however, implied that Samuel was in fact still love Madison.

Samuel was clueless to the fact that Madison still had feelings for him too. He eventually broke up with Brittany and he found his way back in Madison's arms. He was determined to make their relationship right again, however he mistakingly joked about cheating on Madison. After that, Samuel and Madison both agreed that they should be friends for now.

They remained close friends for a majority of the final season and were often glued to each other's sides. Samuel was still deeply in love with Madison; however he decided to keep it more hidden. With curiousity, Samuel read Madison's diary and noted down all the things she looked for in guys, and that was the guy he became. When Madison became suspicious, Samuel finally blurted out that he needed to be with Madison because he was so in love with her. He told her that he could either move out of Hotel Room 41B or they could get back together, because being "just friends" with her was becoming too difficult for him. Samuel was angry when Madison didn't want to get back together, and Samuel mistakingly told her that he liked "roling solo". However, they eventually worked things out and rekindled their flame.

Samuel; being protective of Madison's feelings; didn't tell her that he got a college scholarship. He lied about making it in because he wanted to be with her. Madison eventually found out and they got in a heated argument in Samuel's car. Samuel became infuriated when Madison was mad at him, even though he passively told her he was protecting her feelings. As an apology, Samuel dedicated most of his graduation speech to her. The two of them happily went their seperate ways.

Madison's view on Samuel

Madison initially thought that Samuel was creepy, and didn't like the fact that he was flirting with her. Through-out a majority of the first season, her and Samuel were really close friends. There were some instances where she knew that Samuel liked her (such as Oh, Loretta, The Punishment You Get etc), however there were others where she didn't know (like in Crystal Comes to Town, she was surprised when Samuel admitted his crush on her). Madison did not view Samuel romantically at that moment. Madison was so annoyed at Samuel's crush on her that it made her really upset. After Samuel apologised, Madison suggested that although she was too young to think about love, crushes or relationships, she was willing to date Samuel in two or three years. Ironically, that did happen.

Madison and Samuel grew closer in the second season. Madison considered Samuel as a close friend and his words made her turn her life around and not go to the mall while she was supposed to be studying. As Samuel's crush on her appeared to have faded, she still remained close to him.

Madison flirted with Samuel during their anniversary party, calling him "cute" in his suit. She also accidentally kissed him on the cheek when she saw the helicopter land on the roof of the hotel. This hinted that Madison may have been harbouring secret feelings for Samuel. She also blushed when Samuel winked at her while she was performing. 

Whatever Madison felt for Samuel, it was forgetten when she started dating a new guy called Simon. This relationship didn't last, though.

Many fans speculated that Madison grew feelings for Samuel while they were trapped in the elevator during the black-out in Heat Wave. This is still unconfirmed, however the fact that Madison did have feelings for Samuel through-out the rest of the season implies this. Madison actually admitted that she had feelings for Samuel to her New York bestie Nicole in Wireless Internet Service, by telling her that she had her eye on one guy while looking in Samuel's direction.

Madison's crush on Samuel wasn't brought up again until Willy the Monster. Samuel asked Madison to kiss him and she said no, however she appeared to be blushing. 

Boo Boo Is History explored Madison's crush even further, where Madison told Steve (her kidnapper) that Samuel was her boyfriend. When Steve threatened to send a break-up text to Samuel using Madison's phone, Madison screamed, "Samuel is the best thing that has ever happened to me!" which sounded very genuine (even though they weren't technically dating yet).

Other Pairing Names

  • Mamuel - (Ma/dison + Sa/muel) - Official Name
  • Sadison - (Sa/muel + Ma/dison)
  • Madimeul - (Madi/son + Sa/muel)
  • Samison - (Sam/uel + Mad/ison)
  • Madisam - (Madi/son + Sam/uel)

Quick Mamuel Links


Relationship #1: (2.30-3.13)

  • Start Up: Boo, Boo Is History
  • Break Up: Dirty Cheaters

Reason for Break Up: Samuel cheats on Madison after catching her rehearsing lines with Simon.

Relationship #2: (4.06-4.08)

  • Start Up: Best Friends Forever, Should Not Always Stick Together
  • Break Up: Mamuel Lies & Matricia Dies

Reason for Break Up: Madison is hinted that Samuel is cheating on her again so she turns into a wreck.

Relationship #3 (4.08)

  • Start Up: Mamuel Lies & Matricia Dies
  • Break Up: Mamuel Lies & Matricia Dies

Reason for Break Up: Madison goes to appologise for accusing Samuel of being a cheater again, but Samuel stirs it up when he says that Madison would never give him a fourth chance. Upset, Madison leaves Blue and is left as a cliffhanger until the next episode.

Relationship #4 (4.22 - 4.24)

  • Start Up: As I Lay Crying
  • Break Up: We Are Family (Part 2)

Reason for Break Up: Samuel leaves for college in Detroit whereas Madison leaves for a record deal in Los Angeles, leaving the pair seperated.

Other hints in between:

  • Kissed in Bye, Bye Madison.
  • Kissed in Babysitter: The Movie.
  • Danced in Rated B For Bad.
  • Married in the future (although Madison, Samuel, Babushka, Matthew, Million Bucks Bill, Patricia, Spain and Phil of The Future could be considered non-canon).